Jade Ceramic
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Jade Ceramic


*Upcera's latest monochrome/multilayer non-dyed zirconia block is specially manufactured for DT

*It is authorized exclusively and has the only ID.

* It has great aesthetic, ultra-high translucence, no need  porcelain,no ceramic fracture,nondiscolouring and durable.

*The nano-zirconia sintered at high temperature has no pore and good acid-alkali resistance.The strength and toughness close to natural teeth , it also own good biocompatibility with human tissues.  

* Jade ceramic is suitable for restoring the no- porcelain anterior/posterior teeth and the upper part of the implant with full zirconia.

Technology: Milling

Indications:within 3units for anterior bridge,within5 units of posterior bridge

②1 unit missing teeth only

metal abutmentmetal post core、chameleon abutment are not suitable using this block.