YunMeng Manufacture

3D Laser Printing Technology

Owning the legal production qualification of laser denture special registration

In 2014, DT took the lead in completing the classification and registration of laser forming process as an independent specification model in China, and has the legal production qualification of laser production.


Perfect 3D Printing Laser Denture Digital Platform

DT Own a perfect and multi-variety 3D laser printer and R & D base. We have 6 laser machines with different power and functions, covering the world's leading and large CL-M2 double laser head equipment and EOS 280 high-speed laser equipment; 

According to different indications, the crown, bridge, missing teeth, implant are individually classified and manufactured. The technical parameters and quality are highly guaranteed.

The laser technology of metal framework has been successfully conquered and put it into production .

At present, our company can receive all kinds of clinical oral scanning data, 3D printing technology can be applied to the following products:

Laser Printing of Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Metal framework Laser Technology Products

3D resin model printing  

Digital post-core and bolt attachments, sleeve crowns

Because of successful cooperation with major hospitals ,Closely cooperation with many famous medical colleges and research institutes, we have a large number of high-end research projects and high-end clinical cases, for example:

Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University:  Cobalt Chromium laser Cobalt-Chrome Denture

Peking University Stomatological Hospital:  Laser titanium biological stent / crown bridge

Stomatological Hospital of Capital Medical University:  Laser cobalt-chrome denture

West China Stomatological Hospital, Sichuan University: Pure titanium laser prints

South China University of Technology:  Cobalt Chromium laser crown and bridge


Cast Processing section under 10000X Microscope


Laser Processing section under 10000X Microscope


Zirconium & Titanium Milling Technology


3M LAVA Southwest Exclusive Authorized milling Center

With owning more than 10 well-known brands and multi-functional zirconia and titanium milling equipment (four or five axes linkage, imported Dekema sintering furnace,millions of German equipment), it can meet the needs of conventional crowns and bridges, full zirconia, attachments and other requirements. We cooperate with the suppliers of the first-line zirconia brands at home and abroad such as Procera, Zenotar, Exellent-ceramic, Jade-ceramic and other products . Decorative porcelain use the imported nano-porcelain powder. In April 2017, The DT Lava Exclusive Authorized Milling Center was established in southwest China.