German Ceramic
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German Ceramic

Introduction: Using high translucent and multi-layer color zirconia block from Dental Direkt GmBH in German,light transmittance is 40% ,high aesthetic and no dyeing.  3-Shape scan &design ,German/Japanese zirconia milling equipment, unique IFP sintering process with German imported sintering furnace, strength is up to 1400 Mpa.

Technology: Milling

Indications:.① 8 units bridge

 ②successive missing anterior teeth with in 3units,  successive missing posterior teeth with in 2 units.

missing teeth within 1 unit of cantilever bridges

The lengh of abutment4mm

Bruxism patients are not suitable.

occlusion space of porcelain crown1.5mm,occlusion space of full zirconia crown1mm,occlusion space of  missing teeth area6mm