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Introduction:Using yttrium-stabilized zirconia block , it has very high margin stability, and it is easier to obtain the accuracy of the prosthesis. All ceramic crown bridges and all zirconia crown bridges with up to 14 units can be made. The light transmittance is up to 32%, and the intensity can reach 1200Mpa. Corresponding to Vita classic a1-d4 and vita 3D-Master shade guide, the color is lifelike and the level is rich;"Zenotar" is a registered brand of DT in 2014, "Zenotar" nature is an upgraded product of traditional zennotar.

Technology: Milling

Indications:.successive missing anterior teeth with in 4units,  successive missing posterior teeth with in 2 units.

②missing teeth within 1 unit of cantilever bridges

The lengh of abutment4mm

Bruxism patients are not suitable.

occlusion space of porcelain crown1.5mm,occlusion space of full zirconia crown1mm,occlusion space of  missing teeth area6mm